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Lockscrow is an online cryptocurrency escrow service operating privately for over a decade, operating in different ways of exchange, including anonymous exchanges. This was redefined until the evolution of Cryptocurrency (Blockchain Technology) which brought the concepts of various digital currencies, alternative currencies and virtual currencies.

  • Cryptocurrency trade (BUY/SELL)
  • Capital raising
  • Settling of disputes
  • Assets held as collateral
  • Funds held pending regulatory approval
  • Payouts to injured parties
  • Private Portfolio and asset management (Money management)
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Escrow is the phrase used to refer to funds or property being held by a third party pending satisfaction of the escrow conditions, or of the agreed criteria having been met.
As a provider of escrow services, we act as a third party in holding funds or property until it can be released on terms agreed by all parties. Escrow services give certainty to the parties to the transaction in that:

  • the buyer or fundraiser knows that the property or funds exist and will be made available to it when the transaction completes; and
  • the seller or investor knows that the property or funds will not be released to the buyer or fundraiser until the transaction completes

Escrow can be used in relation to virtually any matter involving the transfer of money or property. Examples include:

  • Corporate transactions including mergers, acquisitions and sales
  • Charity and fundraising events
  • Corporate financing and the raising of capital
  • The holding of settlement funds following disputes
  • Loans where release of the loan money is conditional on a future event.
  • OTC Trading
  • Custody Services
  • Escrow Services

An escrow agreement is one entered into by the parties who have an interest in the money being paid into our escrow account or the property being held by us. It is a document which we will produce. It will include important clauses such as:

  • who is advancing funds or property;
  • who will ultimately receive funds or property;
  • the conditions attached to when the monies or property are to be released to the recipient;
  • and the basis upon which the monies paid in to the escrow account or the property held by us in escrow can be returned to the sender

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- Are you looking for a
Trusted Escrow Service Provider?

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